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Please note:Some new blogAs you know DJ OZ Israel started to work more professionally and gives you a special version not found anywhere else.
* So now listen to the versions and if you love them you can download them for further contribution to blog activity.
* Every month published a collection reads: The Collectors EditionYou can download for free, the collection will include songs released on the blog.
* You will have the choice to download each song individually or download the free monthly collection
* Another set of applications will be published and will be downloadable viewers contribution to blog(
This collection will include requests for songs, and you can download it from contributing to blog)

* We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy the music blog.
Greetings DJ OZ ISRAEL

Questions you are welcome to post here:

One comment on “blog news

  1. Hello everyone, Our blog removed from Google Unfortunately, This is our blog and new versions will be posted here from now on, you are welcome to enjoy and be with us the new blog 🙂 Thank you all

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