Dj oZ shoutbox

62 comments on “Dj oZ shoutbox

  1. Hi DJ Oz!

    How are you?

    We from strictlymixes have invited a new mixer from the US.
    His name is 808 Pyrithea. We guess that he fits perfect into our little group.

    We see you missing in action on strictlymixes for a while.
    So, you are again and still very welcome to release your nice mixes on our little blog.

    All the best, and see you later!

    Cheers, chonovisor.

  2. Hi Oz: I recently lost all the remixes you did under DJ Alon Oz. I was wondering if I sent you 50.00 USD thru paypal if you could upload them into a zip file for me and send them to me thru email? I need all the ones that you did when you changed from DJ Ultrasound to DJ Alon Oz. Please email me back and let me know if 50.00 will cover this. Thanks John!!

  3. Hello cable2006h:)
    Your contribution will be the most beautiful and satisfying,
    But the problem is I made a lot of versions since we changed the name of the blog, I suggest you write a list of songs you want and send them to you,
    Here you can find all the versions I had made since we changed the name of the blog,
    Let me know if it’s okay,

  4. OK, I can send them to you for download,
    But not as one but to download one by one if that’s okay, take a long time to shrink them once and it will download a huge file, you can download all your spare time:)
    Enjoy and thank you DJ ALON .. OZ

  5. John, your donation is now complete

    Confirmation number: 33J22665YE089022Y. An email with your donation details has been sent to and you can print your donation receipt.
    12 State Street Bldg 6 Apt L
    East Wareham
    East Wareham, MA 02538
    United States

    Hi Oz: I sent 75.00 USD for ALL of your remixes under ultrasound/oz/alon oz. Please forward them as soon as you can. Many thanks!! John

  6. Hello everyone, Our blog removed from Google Unfortunately, This is our blog and new versions will be posted here from now on, you are welcome to enjoy and be with us the new blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you all

  7. hi can you create extended versions of anne clark?my wishlist embraced 4 songs:the power game / now / sleeper in metropolis / heaven.thank you

  8. Hey,
    Your version of “La La La – Naughty Boy” is amazing, but was deleted from YouTube.
    I tried to download here, but i’m having difficulties.
    Could you help me?
    Thank You!

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